Sekyeong Kwon

Hello, I’m Seky 👋🏼 
Product designer based in London creating delightful experiences
to make people’s lives better. 



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Joined as the 2nd Product Designer in Pre-series A Proptech designing working on Mortgage SaaS product and client portal for homebuyers.

⚪️ PRODUCT DESIGN (2019-2021)

Though I can’t share my projects publicly,
do get in touch to discuss more about my experience.


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How might we provide a better travelling experience
for people who travel alone? 

⚪️ UX/UI DESIGN (2015)


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Speculating the future of graphic design in the age of machine intelligence by asking the question ‘Will AI be an ally or enemy?’ 


︎ When I’m not designing for digital products, you can find me geeking out on all things emerging technology. Below are selected AI driven projects I worked on 🤖️

AI Matters

A curated collection of AI related matters including articles, courses, reports, interactive projects and platforms. Created for anyone who is curious about AI. 

︎Resource    ︎Side project with Mona Yang

Ally or Enemy?

A computationally generated “designer” complete with unique portfolio, biography and manifesto with a goal to act as a provocation around the future of design in the age of intelligent machines.

︎Speculative design   ︎Creative Coding   ︎Academia

{   }topia

Interactive web experiment for CAPTCHA series to provide space for alternative thoughts towards the ambivalent reactions towards emerging technology.

︎Interactive Art   ︎Self-initiated project


A concept for Social and Emotional Learning bot for the Future reimagining the future of education.

︎Concept video    ︎Self-initiated project

AI Cheatsheet

Interactive tool for educating the community outside the field of AI.

I’m Seky (세경) — a Korean Product Designer living in London. My natural curiosity and strong empathy towards others are my superpowers, driving me to craft impactful solutions that meet people’s needs and exceed expectations. 🤓

Currently work at Dojo, Europe’s fastest growing scale-up in Europe, looking after Dojo app 📱 as part of the consumer experience squad. I work in a cross-functional team and I love working closely with other bright minds throughout the entire product lifecycle — from identifying opportunities, ideating, prioritising, implementing and continuing this loop.

Before this, I was at a pre-series A prop-tech start up Acre︎︎︎ to shake up the UK mortgage industry. (Also that Acre brand is my baby as well). Before that, I had a short stint at PwC Experience Centre︎︎︎ and Comuzi︎︎︎ working on some fun projects.

I have a MA in Communication Design from Falmouth University, where I explored the relationship between humans and machines, focusing on the social and ethical implications of AI and emerging technologies. I’m particularly interested in exploring how these new technologies can impact our world in ways that we may not yet fully understand! You can check some of the AI inspired project above next to Robot dancing video. 🤖

If you have any exciting opportunities I might be interested, let’s chat! ✌️