Poster curation application service for smarter university life.

Product Design
Concept development
Art Direction

3 weeks

Sekyeong Kwon
Hoiyoung Lee
Donghyuk Kim

The Challenge

By looking at current university’s messy bulletin board, we framed our challenge: How might we help students to find the right information and not miss the opportunities? 

The Outcome

We came up with Glance: a mobile application that curates right and relevant posters for students to help them have more efficient and smarter university life. 

We interviewed students.

“The bulletin board is always full of information, but I struggle know what activity is right for me.”

“I always get excited with events that had already ended. I wish the library bulletin board was more organised because it’s dissapointing to see the past events.”

“It’s so easy to miss it if I don’t remind myself constantly, especially when I’m busy with my studies.”

We conducted a survey.

From the survey, we found that 8 out of 10 students have faced difficulties while looking for information such as club activities, special lectures of interest, job listings etc.

So what is the problem?

From messy bullentin boards with outdated posters to school intranet service bombarding too much information, we defined a problem that students great opportunities are easily hidden both physically and digitally.

How might we help students to find the right information and not miss the opportunities?


To make the most of our university life, we need a smarter solution.

We came up with with a poster curation service for students to help them have more efficient and smarter university life. And we named the service, ‘Glance’.

Glance provides:
  • Curated poster information that are personalised for you
  • All-in-One service so that you no longer wander in the flood of information
  • Sharing and networking beyond your university

Key features:

  • Just for you
Glance provides customised information based on user’s university, area of studies and interests selected when signing up.

  • At a glance
Save the poster of your interests and D-day tag will help you keep up with your busy schedule.
If you’re holding an event or exhibition, simply upload the poster file and get exposed to the right people who would be interested.

  • My posters
Keep your posters together in ‘My posters’ and link to your favourite calendar and share it to your social media handle.

  • Related posters
Glance also recommends related posters from other institutions so that you broaden your experience and connect with other like-minded people!

What is Glance aiming for? 

Glance's vision is to help universities and college students break through the boundaries of universities and find opportunities for everyone, by sharing with local residents, innovating local businesses and working with local governments.

Don’t miss out on your opportunities by finding the right posters for you at a Glance!


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