Hey I’m Seky, a Product Designer building 0︎︎︎1 experiences 👋🏼 

Hey I’m Seky,
a Product Designer with natural curiosity and strong empathy.

Currently working at Dojo, Europe’s fastest growing fintech scale-up, leading design in the Consumer Experience squad📱. I create impactful solutions that meet both business and end user’s needs by collaborating with other bright minds throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Before this, I was at a pre-series A Prop-tech start up Acre︎︎︎ to shake up the UK mortgage industry. I had a short stint at PwC Experience Centre︎︎︎ and Comuzi︎︎︎ working on some cool projects.

I have a MA in Communication Design from Falmouth University, where I explored the relationship between humans and machines, focusing on the social and ethical implications of AI and emerging technologies. I’m interested in exploring how these new technologies can impact our world in ways that we may not yet fully understand. 🤖

The projects here has not been updated for a while, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.