Hey I’m Seky, a Product Designer building 0︎︎︎1 experiences 👋🏼 

︎ When I’m not designing for digital products, you can find me geeking out on all things emerging technology. Below are selected AI driven projects I worked on 🤖️

AI Matters

A curated collection of AI related matters including articles, courses, reports, interactive projects and platforms. Created for anyone who is curious about AI. 

︎Resource    ︎Side project with Mona Yang

Ally or Enemy?

A computationally generated “designer” complete with unique portfolio, biography and manifesto with a goal to act as a provocation around the future of design in the age of intelligent machines.

︎Speculative design   ︎Creative Coding   ︎Academia

{   }topia

Interactive web experiment for CAPTCHA series to provide space for alternative thoughts towards the ambivalent reactions towards emerging technology.

︎Interactive Art   ︎Self-initiated project


A concept for Social and Emotional Learning bot for the Future reimagining the future of education.

︎Concept video    ︎Self-initiated project

AI Cheatsheet

Interactive tool for educating the community outside the field of AI.