Sekyeong Kwon is a user experience designer, researcher and human* based in London. By combining her background in design, research and strategy, her work aims to deliver the best experience whether it is physical, digital or hybrid. 

Sekyeong believes nothing is certain except change in this current world we live in. That’s why she enjoys spending her spare time speculating on how the world could be and finding ways to transform our current experience.

She was recently awarded a distinction in MA in Communication Design focusing on the relationship between human and machine, especially about the social and ethical implications of AI and emerging technologies.

As an inquisitive human being, Sekyeong is always open for exciting challenges to work in a new environment to help teams build products and services that are beautiful and impactful.

*If you are also a human interested in discussing a new project or finding out more about me, feel free to say hello!


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