Hello there! I’m Seky - a product designer from South Korea, now living in East London - always keen to learn new things and solve complex problems.

I thrive in an environment where I can use design as a means to instil curiosity and bring solutions to improve the current environment we are living in.

I’ve been working at Acre︎︎︎ over the last two years in our mission to shake up the UK mortgage industry. Previously I was at PwC Experience Centre︎︎︎ translating ideas and insights into future products, services and experiences for PwC’s external clients, and before that, I spent time with Comuzi︎︎︎ doing some playful research
projects to experiment with emerging technologies.

I was awarded a distinction in MA in Communication Design at Falmouth University(UK) focusing on the relationship between human and machine, especially about the social and ethical implications of AI and emerging technologies.

If you have an exciting project you would like to discuss, or have any questions about me, I’m always up for a good chat. ✌️️